Rochester Firewood
Your source for sustainably harvested firewood in Rochester, NY and its surrounding areas 


Our goal is to supply our customers with great firewood products and equivalent service. We test our product and use it to heat our own home year round. This means that we have a strong interest in constantly ensuring that our wood is of the highest quality. We realize that our customers have many different needs and our niche is staying flexible enough to meet yours. 

Whether it’s a load of mixed soft and hard woods for your chiminea or multiple loads of hardwoods that keep the house warm all day and night, Rochester Firewood is your go to source.

Products & Pricing

All of the firewood is split into pieces of the ideal size for the average fireplace or wood stove and then fully seasoned. We use only local sustainably harvested hardwoods that may include a mix of maple, oak, hickory, beech, cherry and locust.

• 1 Face Cord: $120, delivered & dumped
• 2 Face Cords: $200, delivered & dumped
• 3 Face Cords: $295, delivered & dumped
• 4 or 5 Face Cords: $93 each, delivered & dumped
• 6 Face Cords: $90 each, delivered & dumped
• 7+ Face Cords: $85 each, delivered & dumped
• Stacking available for $40 per face cord, within 20 feet of the dump location. Ask about our senior citizen discount.

• Delivery within 20 miles is included • Prices subject to change •


We accept cash and all major credit cards. Pay in advance and come home to a neatly stacked delivery in your desired located, or a giant pile of wood left for you to get your lumberjack on. If cash is your preferred choice of payment, we will do our best to get our schedules to meet. Sorry, no checks will be accepted. We ask that all orders be paid in advance of delivery.

Deliveries are generally completed in 1-2 business days or can be scheduled in advance. We will give you a courtesy call to let you know when we are on our way to deliver your firewood. 

Contact Me

Aaron W. Smith
(585) 415-9510

257 Tryon Park
Rochester, NY 14609

Where You Can Find Me

We're located on the edge of Rochester's Tryon Park. Delivery is available within 20 miles of this location. Firewood is available for delivery only. Pickup is not available under any circumstances.